If you are in the market for an appliance, should you head over to local Best Buy and max out the credit card or is there a more practical approach?

Everyone loves new. Whether it’s a new home, car, or appliance, there is feeling of pride of owning the latest, greatest model. (Ultram) But when it comes to household appliances, new isn’t always better, especially when the first payment comes due.

Before you buy a new appliance, you might be able to save a lot of money simply by making a few phone calls. People often have working appliances gathering dust in their basement or a storage unit. Trying to sell them is considered a hassle, so they put them in storage.

Make some calls to family and friends to ask if they or someone they know has the appliance you need that they would like to get rid of. Small appliance like microwaves, toasters, and blenders are usually easy to find.

If you have no luck with family or friends, check your newspaper classifieds or online sites such as Craigslist or eBay.

With large appliances like refrigerators and washing machines, it’s often much less expensive to repair than to replace. Sometimes a friend will give away a large, non-working appliance just to get rid of it. Let Moonglow fix it up for you and you are as good as new at a fraction of the cost.