Dishwasher issue – I called 2 places. The first place wouldn’t even give me an estimate based upon my description I gave. So, I called Moonglow Appliance Repair…. Initially talked to the front desk person. She was very nice and got me in touch with John (the owner?) Anyways… Spoke to him about the issue at hand and basically told me it was an easy fix and explained how to get it taken care of over the phone! Which by the way.. WORKED like a charm. He mentioned on the call that he could send someone out to do it but he’d have to charge, but said he thinks its a simple fix that we can do ourselves. He went out of his way to explain how to fix it!! So grateful and helpful!! Didn’t have to pay a dime. Where as the other company couldn’t even give me an estimate over the phone. I will definitely be keeping this companies phone number and information for any future issues! THANK YOU JOHN!