Anything that heats up or uses electricity can be a potential fire hazard. That’s why it’s so important to maintain them. A clogged dryer vent or overloaded electrical circuit can be deadly.

But which appliances cause the most fires? The answer may surprise you.

Moonglow doesn’t repair toasters, so I have no way of confirming it, but that would have been my first guess. After all, how many pieces of toast have you seen burnt to a crisp?

Toasters usually set on a counter and are often plugged into a power strip. Because they are so small, people don’t realize how much power they can draw. They are also inexpensive so not a lot of thought goes into buying one. If one dies, you just buy a new one.

But according to Which? (, I would have been dead wrong. A recent investigation showed that thousands of faulty appliances catch fire, and that it’s possible that some brands are more prone to catching fire than others.

So which appliance gets the trophy? Their research discovered that more faulty washing machines and tumble dryers caught fire than TVs or irons. We can also reveal that more Hoover washing machines, and Hotpoint dishwashers caught fire than we would necessarily expect.

Since this research was done in the UK, the results may be different in the US, but it’s an interesting study just the same.

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