Running low on coffee? No problem. Mr. Coffee has it covered. Is your printer running low on ink? That’s covered, too.
In this age of technology and convenience, where do we draw the line?

It seems that Amazon will be rolling out their new Dash Replenishment Service this fall, much to the delight of suppliers. But is technology going too far?

The premise behind this new service is allowing your appliances and gadgets to re-order their own supplies via Amazon. If your coffee maker decides that you are running low on coffee, no sweat. It will order it for you and it magically appears at your doorstep a couple of days later.

DRS will go public this fall and Amazon already has a handful of willing partners, such as Whirlpool, Brother, and Brita, who are salivating at the possibilities.

The very thought of this sends chills down my spine. How far are we willing to trust our electronics in deciding what we need and what we don’t?
I would be interested in knowing your thoughts on this.

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