Here is a blast from the past. In 1955, GE introduced the world’s first wall mounted refrigerator-freezer that hangs on the wall like a picture.

What, you never heard of it? Don’t feel bad, most people haven’t. Honestly, neither had I until I came across this article from

Why? There are several theories and yours is probably as good as anyone else’s. For some reason, it just never seemed to take off.

But you have to give GE credit for their innovation. Imagine opening your fridge like you would a cabinet. Everything is at eye level, meaning no stooping down or bending over. It’s almost like having a series of mini refrigerators hanging on your wall. Hey, they did it with TV’s, why not refrigerators?

Personally, I think the weight had a lot to do with it. It would take a lot of reinforcements to hold that much weight. Plus, the added space it would use would mean taking it away from your cabinets, unless you had a large kitchen.

What do you think? Why isn’t every house equipped with these?

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