Don’t lose your head over this, but I came across an article recently that, at first glance, seemed rather humorous. In this day and age of electronics seemingly taking over our lives, it appears they are also creating a health hazard.

How, you ask? It’s the monotonous, dreaded beep.

I would love to explain this further, but I’m not sure I understand it completely myself. Apparently our brains are wired to react to certain sounds we all hear growing up. Rustling leaves, a crackling fire, or a gentle breeze immediately trigger the sensors in our brain, causing us to respond accordingly.

But in today’s electronic age, our brains are being subjected to a new sound, the increasingly annoying beep. Between cell phones, smoke alarms, and a variety of other electronic gadgets, it has become more than just annoying, it can affect our health, as well.

Since I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV, I’m not going to subject you to my feeble attempt of explaining it. Rather, I will let the experts do that.

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