Kitchen Stove Repair Waterford Michigan

When most people think of a kitchen range, they picture a unit with 4 top burners with an oven and broiler underneath for the basic models. A stove is most often considered the same thing. However, a range or stove repair by any other name is still something that should be handled only by a profession appliance repair service.

There are two types of electric stoves, but they both do the same thing. The older or less modern type has hot-plate-style heating coils. The newer types have a glass-ceramic cook top. Unlike the coil type burners, you need to be extra careful with the ceramic type. The coil burners turn red when hot, but the ceramic burners do not.

Gas stoves, as the name emplies, use gas burners that are usually ignited by a spark igniter.

Both types of ranges usually have an oven underneath. If you are having problems with the oven instead of the burners, click here for our page on Oven Repair.

Whether your range is gas or electric, new or old, it’s best to call a professional when you need stove repair. Moonglow provides fast, friendly service, a fair price and we guarantee our work.

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Range and Stove Repair