Oven Repair Waterford Michigan

Most oven repair, whether gas or electric, is relatively easy to do. However, it is usually best to call a professional, because making a mistake can be deadly, especially with a gas oven.

An oven is like a small furnace. They have either heating elements or gas burners. Contrary to popular belief, most ovens do not maintain a steady temperature. Rather, like a furnace, they use a thermostat to turn the heat on and off to raise or lower the temperature. However, some newer models are said to maintain a constant temperature.

Unlike older models, even most gas range ovens today cannot be operated without electricity. That’s because they have an electric igniter that does not allow the gas to release unless the igniter is functioning properly.

While igniter malfunction is a common problem, there are a variety of reasons your oven may not be working properly. Trying to make an oven repair yourself may end up costing you more than hiring a professional and could be dangerous if done incorrectly.

At Moonglow, we will diagnose your problem and give you an estimate before any work is done. We will make the required repairs quickly and correctly and we guarantee our work.

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Oven Repair Waterford Michigan