Household Appliances: They Just Don’t Make ’em Like They Used To

Domestic KitchenIf you are like many of us, you grew up listening to your parents or grandparents talking about the “good ol’ days”. How many times have you heard expressions like, “When I was your age” or “Back in my day”? We swore to ourselves that we were […]

Home Repair Scam Artists. Snakes or Charmers?

Home Repair ScamHere at Moonglow, we pride ourselves om open and honest with every customer. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case with some so-called “Home Repair” companies. Home repair scam artists are common and if you’re not diligent, you, too, can be a victim.

I recently came across an article from […]

Are Your Appliances A Fire Hazard?

Are Your Appliances A Fire Hazard?Anything that heats up or uses electricity can be a potential fire hazard. That’s why it’s so important to maintain them. A clogged dryer vent or overloaded electrical circuit can be deadly.

But which appliances cause the most fires? The answer may surprise you.

Moonglow doesn’t repair […]

Keep Your Household Appliances Running Longer

Household AppliancesWhen household appliances break down, you have 3 options. You can try to fix it yourself, but appliances are getting more sophisticated and complicated, so unless you have some training, that isn’t always the best option.

You can buy a new one, but they can get rather expensive, depending on […]

Appliances That Reorder Your Supplies For You

Appliance RobotRunning low on coffee? No problem. Mr. Coffee has it covered. Is your printer running low on ink? That’s covered, too.

In this age of technology and convenience, where do we draw the line?

It seems that Amazon will be rolling out their new Dash Replenishment Service this fall, much to […]

Daily Household Chores List According To Martha Stewart

Daily Household Chores List According To Martha StewartIn the category of “It’s easy for her to say because she has a staff”, Martha Stewart has taken time from her busy schedule to provide us with her valuable expertise on household chores. (** See disclaimer at the bottom)

First of all, let […]

How Does A Microwave Work?

How Does A Microwave WorkIn the category of “things people are curious about, but will be forgotten by next week”, the question of How Does A Microwave Work often comes up. While we spend much of our time repairing microwaves, the question of how they actually work is a fascinating […]

The Top Four Reasons For Using Soft Water

The Top 4 Reasons For Using Soft WaterBack in old days, people didn’t give much thought to their water. They collected rainwater and dug wells. After all, water is water, right? Not do much anymore. We now have soft water, hard water, ionized, filtered, bottled, and carbonated, to name a […]

Retro Style Appliances – What’s New is Old Again

Retro Style AppliancesMost of us today weren’t around when wood stoves were considered new. Retro stoves are only sweet memories from old faded photographs of Grandma’s kitchen. But the retro style of antique appliances is making a comeback. Or perhaps it never left. Vintage appliances have just been updated to […]

GE Café Series French Door Refrigerator with Keurig K-Cup Brewing System

banner_k_cupThere seems to be a lot a hype these days about the Keurig Coffee machine. Drop in a pod, push a button, and whalla, fresh brewed coffee, or just about anything else you want, in about a minute.

Maybe it’s just me, but who drinks one cup of coffee? Not me. […]