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Tax Tips For Soldiers

Tax Tips For TroopsI want to talk about something a little different today.

I recently came across an article that gives soldiers and their families some tips for this tax season.

It is designed to provide a general framework, and explore common tax issues current and […]

Beware of Appliance Service and Repair Scammers

Appliance Service and Repair ScammerStop Scammers In Their Tracks!

You’ve heard the stories, but thought it always happens to the other guy. You’re too smart to fall for the appliance service and repair scam.

Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us.

But the more you know, the […]

Hackers Targeting “Smart” Home Appliances

spycamIt seems we no longer have to worry about the light bulb going off when we close our refrigerator. A bigger concern is shutting off the spycam.

“Huh?” “What?”

It may be hard to believe, but apparently security researchers have discovered the first broad Internet-of-Things cyber-attack, targeting household gadgets and appliances, including […]

Typical Household Items Can Be Fire Hazards

As we celebrate the new year and begin to take down the holiday decorations, you may come across some potential fire hazards that you overlooked before, including some right in your kitchen.

Cooking fires, space heaters, worn out extension cords, and overloaded circuits are just a few of the things you need to take heed of.

To learn how to avoid […]

Are Your Appliances Possessed?

Are Your Appliances PossessedSometimes it seems like our appliances have a mind of their own, almost like they are possessed. It can be maddening. Sometimes it’s a malfunction that can be easily fixed. Other times it beyond human comprehension and requires the services of an exorcist.

Take the microwave oven, for […]

18 Household Tips To Help You Save Time, Money, And Aggravation

Household TipsWe recently came across an article that sounds like any number of articles already out there, but this one is truly unique. I have to admit that I had not heard of most these and probably never would have thought of them on my own.

You will find little tricks […]

Money And Time Saving Tips For The Holidays

Our job at Moonglow is to help you keep your home running smoothly and save you money at the same time.

Here are 5 important tips to keep your comfy and cozy this holiday season while saving you time and money.

Smart Power Strip Can Control Your Electrical Appliances From Your Smartphone

Should You Buy New or Used Appliances

If you are in the market for an appliance, should you head over to local Best Buy and max out the credit card or is there a more practical approach?

Everyone loves new. Whether it’s a new home, car, or appliance, there is feeling of pride of owning the latest, greatest model. But when it comes to household appliances, new […]